The Will Group (TWG) is the pioneer company of several different companies that are prominent within the lighting and electrical industry – Electrical Resource Management (ERM), Lyons View Manufacturing and Supply (LV), Lighting Solutions of Illinois (LSI), TWiG Technologies (TWiG) and Industrial Electric Supply (IES).

Our companies have superseded their respective roles to go beyond the traditional boundaries of lighting businesses – branding itself as a provider of complete industry solutions that make positive contributions to its clients’ bottom line.


Distribution. Manufacturing. Technology.

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The Will Group

Operating under the philosophy and mission “Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way”, the corporate culture of The Will Group fosters ingenuity and creativity with every endeavor. Our competitive distinction is our ability to be an encompassing single source provider for our clients’ lighting, manufacturing, and sourcing needs. We represent some of the industry’s most prominent lighting fixture and pole manufacturers. Our in-house team is fully trained on our infrastructure assessment software and are experts in assembly.

Sell It. Build It. Count It.

The Will Group combines its various resources to meet the needs of its customers, which differentiates us from other companies in the electrical industry. The Will Group serves the following markets and industries:

  • Commercial & Hospitality

  • Industrial & Institutional

  • Private & Public Education

  • Municipalities & Roadways

  • Utility


Primary Focus

The Will Group’s primary focus continues to be to deliver innovative and suitable products, services, and solutions - oriented offerings to our loyal customer base. We service several vertical markets with a portfolio that includes many successful electrical projects, as well as our traditional core outdoor lighting business. It is our mission to provide jobs in the communities we serve.

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Highlighted Projects:

City of Chicago

  • Chicago Street Lighting Project

O’Hare Airport

• Provided over 1,500 light poles and LED fixtures

Clark Street Bridge

•Partnership with GE to improve the aesthetics and luminosity


• LED Streeglight Data Management Program and Material Provider

Fort Hill

• Naperville Park District’s Fort Hill Activity Center’s indoor facility lighting